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    the strategic
    juncture where
    artistic production
    and socio-cultural
    action meet.



A.D. Winans' The Wrong Side of Town, reviewed by Charles P. Ries. — The Wrong Side of the Street was the first in Cross-Cultural Communications’ American-Poets-in-Russian-Translation Series. Winans told me, “Jack Micheline's son, Vince Silvaer, wrote and said that Aleksey Dayen wanted to translate some of Jack's work into Russian and wanted to know if I had heard of Aleksey. I subsequently wrote Aleksey, and sent him some of my own poems, which he later translated into Russian, for publication in a few Russian magazines.

Thunder Sandwich #24 - Aleksey Dayen — An online lit zine presenting, prose and art from the known and unknown.

Poetry Bay - Online Poetry Magazine — Aleksey Dayen is a Russian/American poet, writer, translator and born in Kiev, USSR, who moved to NY in 1994 as a political refugee.

Chlen$kiy Publishing : Books — Editor-in-chief: Aleksey Dayen Art-Director: Mark Polyakov : Rita Balmina ... NOR, Aleksey Dayen : ...NOR Poetry 18 pages ...

sousveillance blog » Blog Archive » Cross-Cultural Communications ... — THE RUSSIANS & THE RABASSAS, Rita Balmina, Aleksey Dayen, Constantine Ivanov, Victor Sanchuk, Sergey Shabalin, Clementine & Gregory Rabassa. 8:00-9:00 pm

Mystery Island #2 reviewed on the official website of Laura Hird — The magazine also includes contributions from a host of other great poets like: FN Wright, Aleksey Dayen, John Dorsey, Carl Zerse, Matt Smith and Tony...

Poems by / from poet Aleksey Dayen best love poem famous poets ... — Poems By Poet Aleksey Dayen, 5/12/2006 5:26:51 AM ... by sunbeams- the reason I was late. Aleksey Dayen Read more: today poems, world poems, culture poems ...

Po'Jazz at The Cornelia St Cafe - April 20 2006 — Aleksey Dayen Stanley H. Barkan. Sergey Shabalin Frank Sisco. Victor Sanchuk. Programmed & hosted by GOLDA SOLOMON. — #A7 -Stanley Barkan introduces event and introduces Aleksey Dayen. > Click here for video and photos < ... #C16 - Aleksey Dayen reading "Layer" in Russian. ...

Word Riot — Winans told me, “Jack Micheline's son, Vince Silvaer, wrote and said that Aleksey Dayen wanted to translate some of Jack's work into Russian and wanted to ...

The World Bank & World Literature - September 15, 2005 - The New ... — ... its 35th anniversary on Sunday with a marathon seven-hour reading at Russian Samovar restaurant, co-hosted by poet and publisher Aleksey Dayen. ...

DH Melhem — Forthcoming in 2007, Patches of Light bilingual chapbook (Russian and English), translated by Aleksey Dayen. Interviews with DH Melhem appear in Saudi ...

Polarity - eMagazine — Aleksey Dayen Dive · Family Poetry · Marriage License 2004 · Dead Lobster. John Dorsey just once i wish · the first time i watched 'fear and loathing' ...

The Orphan Leaf Review - Issue Six Biographies — Aleksey Dayen. "AD – poet-laureate, novelist-laureate, author of 10 books (poetry, novels and poetry translations from English into the Russian). Co-editor ...

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