She calls me and drops her famous last name
like I give a damn
then she says that she needs a place to stay
and my apartment would be perfect for her
as she is for me
poor girl has no idea that I’m tired of bitches
taking my space
and though sure that she’s a sincere young thing
just looking for love and an elderly writer
I still have to say NO!

These days NO! has become my theme
my usual answer to almost any proposition
since people have nothing to offer
except their pain—which is old news—
I've experienced more, greater.

I’m exposing pain only in writing,


in publications—not in person—
not over the landline
not over the cell
(unless it’s a toothache).

Pain is private
shouldn’t be passed
to strangers
even at funerals.

I feel for that girl
and can help
but won’t
she did not give me
a good reason to help or trust
nor even like her.